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Welcome to Striker World, the platform for all fans of Naruto, it's a bloody arena, but at the same time, it's a beautiful place for everyone. Here you can buy jutsus and fight against other players, and win by proving your unbeatable sense of strategy. Sometimes, you need to seat back, and think about your next move on the next round, and which combination of jutsus can lead you to victory.
Our fighting system is so MUCH fun ! Give it a try, and you'll like it !

-We are recruiting: Jutsus creators - People to balance damage and cooldown


 Vuko is here, get outta here.

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Ren Vuko

Ren Vuko

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Vuko is here, get outta here. Empty
PostSubject: Vuko is here, get outta here.   Vuko is here, get outta here. EmptySat 23 Jun - 1:00

-Name: Ren Vuko

-Age: 19 years old

-Avatar: Dabi from Boku no Hero Academia

-Village: Oto

-Your favorite jutsu in Naruto:
Probably Limbo from Madara.

-Your favorite character: Madara.

-How can Striker World improve in your opinion, and can you help ?

I don't think I can help but I think we need more jutsus, and maybe more actions in the future. I also like the idea behind the website, the fight system and all that.
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Vuko is here, get outta here.
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