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Welcome to Striker World, the platform for all fans of Naruto, it's a bloody arena, but at the same time, it's a beautiful place for everyone. Here you can buy jutsus and fight against other players, and win by proving your unbeatable sense of strategy. Sometimes, you need to seat back, and think about your next move on the next round, and which combination of jutsus can lead you to victory.
Our fighting system is so MUCH fun ! Give it a try, and you'll like it !

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 Starting point, fights, Arena

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Notice: You should read this section after ALL the other sections, so you won't get lost.

This is where things get a little bit complicated, but trust me, it will be a piece of cake if you read carefully and go through every details. You'll even enjoy the ride ! You can't wait to use your jutsus, your combination of Sasuke Kirin and Deidara C4, you will, but before that, you need to learn some rules related to the fight system of Striker World. Take a deep breath and let's jump right into it !

Starting point

As a newbie, the lines below tell everything that you have for now:

-2000 HP(Your health points)
-100 M (mobility)
-10000 Striker Points (After you complete your presentation)
-0 jutsu (Obviously...You need to buy them at the store)
-6 jutsus slots (Which mean that you can only buy 6 jutsus for now)

Don't worry, you will be able to buy more slots once you get enough SP. For now, you only need 6, so you won't burn your fingers in a Fire Style jutsu way too powerful for your level of experience.  affraid


You have 6 jutsus slots, right ? But you only need 5 to be able to ask for a fight.
It's the main point of the platform, fighting and, unfortunately, killing each other. The fighting system on Striker World is pretty simple. We are gonna talk about 3 main points in it:

  • Distance
  • Damage
  • Actions

1. The concept of "distance" in Striker World is very important. Why ? Because it creates this feeling of a real fight, or more precisely, of a dynamic battlefield. You can move however you want, get close or keep your distance to your opponent. There are 3 level of distance between the fighters:
-Close (Close enough for an Attack type and a Tank to deal massive damage)
-Medium (The damage of ALL the classes will be reduced, except the Self-Port)
-Far (The Ranged type will be able to keep a pretty good fight)
As a fighter, you can modify your distance from you opponent by...well...moving. You can use either a mobility jutsu or use your class special move if you are a Ranged or an Attack type. All the jutsus in store will have a set of damage based on the distance between you and your opponent. Pay attention to it !

2. The damage system is pretty simple. Your opponent has an amount of HP, and your jutsus have an amount of damage, you just need to do the math, a simple subtraction. If your opponent is using a shield, you will have to break it down first, and then get to his HP.
There is a certain type of damage that will ignore shield: Piercing damage. If your jutsu does "piercing damage", then even if your opponent is using a shield, you will directly touch his regular HP. These jutsus are rare and expensive.

3. In a fight, you can move, but not only that, you have actions. These WILL never be affected by your SP or your level, or anything. They are what they are, and they will remain the same as long as Facebook is free.

-Concentrate (It allows you to reduce one of your jutsu cooldown by 2 turns, with 8 turns cooldown)
-Roll the dice (Expensive and rare jutsus only can allow you to do this action in order to maximize your damage)


Each arena gives a bonus based on your elemental jutsus.
Here they are:
-Chunin Exam Field: Fire + 50 damage
-Sand Village Arena: Earth and Wind + 50 damage
-Hidden Rain: Water + Lightening + 50 damage

How to fight ?
In a fight, each turn, you can do 3 actions, but only 2 jutsus.
So, you'll have to mention the following:

-Your HP
-Your current mobility
N.B: You current mobility decreases by 5 each turn because of fatigue, but some jutsus can help you regain speed.
-Your jutsus + action or special move
-The damage that you expect to do
-Your position from you opponent
(Far, Medium, Close)

But what does the mobility do ?
Your mobility defines two things:
-If you will be able to change your distance from your opponent before his attack hits you.
-If you will be able to counter a jutsu from your opponent with your own.
Simple, if your mobility is greater, you can, but if your opponent mobility is greater, you won't be able to.
Only a defensive jutsu can block an attack from an opponent who is faster than you, ex: wall, shield, etc...

And that's it ! Once you get your opponent's life to zero, you win the game, or he can even surrender ! Now what are you waiting for ? Go grab your jutsus and defeat anyone that would like to stand in your way ! What a Face
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Starting point, fights, Arena Empty
PostSubject: Re: Starting point, fights, Arena   Starting point, fights, Arena EmptyThu 28 Jun - 13:01

Sentence starters

Striker World, a masterpiece...Right ? Maybe not.
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Starting point, fights, Arena
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