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 Classes and Jutsus

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The classes represent the tools that define your own playstyle. On Striker World, a class is a group with specific attributes and abilities, and there are certain stuff that you will be able to do, and you'll for sure encounter some restrictions. These restrictions will make you think of a strategy to beat down your opponent. Let's be honest, if you could do everything, there would be no fun, right ? Let's get to it.

-Attack: They are specifically powerful in close range combat. But they suck in long range attack, so as an Attack type, you'll make sure that you can get close to your opponent with your set of actions. But once you do, your damage will be insane. You can access a lot of jutsus, even if your power is mostly in your physical attributes than your elemental jutsus or other non-physical skills.

Special move: Come here (Pull your opponent towards you from Far to Close, with 3 turns cooldown)

-Ranged: It's like the opposite of the Attack type. The Ranged shinobi is an excellent artillery, an excellent sniper, or spell-caster, and he can deal massive damage from a great distance. But once an opponent gets close to him, he's not the same and his power spike will drop. He also doesn't have a lot of mobility.

Special move: Stay away (Push your opponent from Close to Medium, with 3 turns cooldown)

-Self-Port: A Self-Port is a support, but only for himself. For example, a Self-Port can easily heal from critical damage, or get rid of debuff. He's a pretty good spell-caster, and the most mobile class of all. But they need more time in order to deal more damage than the other classes. If they get to the late game, they will for sure be a threat for every opponent.

Special move: Untouchable (Get rid of a debuff on yourself, with 4 turns cooldown)

-Tank: A Tank is literally a beast who can get massive damage absorption and deal damage on close range combat. They get stronger over time so they'll make sure that they bring the fight to late game so they can destroy their opponents. They have shield, and buff, but very low mobility. Their set of jutsus will help them stay alive by blocking and trying to find a way to counter.

Special move: Breaker (Punch back any projectile without any elemental or magic effect, with 4 turns cooldown)

N.B: Each class will have his own set of jutsus, so you will not able to buy an Attack Type jutsu if you are a Self-Port. Razz


If the classes define your playstyle, your jutsus define your playground. Very Happy  You can only defend yourself and attack with the jutsus you have, and while doing so, make sure that you keep track of your cooldown and the distance between you and your opponent. Because some jutsus will get a damage boost if they are used perfectly, and from the right distance.
Each jutsu will have a specific cost and a specific effect, so read them carefully, and pick the ones that you think are the best, so you can feel comfortable while using them.

N.B: You can use 2 jutsus per round/turn, and you can only do 3 actions, so if you wanna use your special move, you'll only be able to use 2 jutsus. king
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Classes and Jutsus
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