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All Shinobi have a bank account. Alright, Naruto never talked about it, but how can a world function without a certain type of economy ? You, fellow citizens of Striker, you will have the opportunity to earn money. No dude, not real money, but SP (Shinobi Points, or Striker Points Cool ). Don't be disappointed because your SP will allow you to buy many jutsus from the store.

To get more SP, you need to fight, lose, win, try again, lose and win. It is true that a victory will give you even more SP, but even a loss will be rewarded, because that's how we encourage you to become stronger and better, right ?

How do I spend my SP ?

It's actually easy, you just go to the store and buy jutsus. They will help you win in your fights. And don't worry, the more you buy, the more powerful your ninja will be. Read this and you will understand how to buy a jutsu: How to buy a jutsu

N.B: There will be SP giveaways in different occasions, stay tuned !
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Shinobi Bank
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