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Welcome to Striker World, the platform for all fans of Naruto, it's a bloody arena, but at the same time, it's a beautiful place for everyone. Here you can buy jutsus and fight against other players, and win by proving your unbeatable sense of strategy. Sometimes, you need to seat back, and think about your next move on the next round, and which combination of jutsus can lead you to victory.
Our fighting system is so MUCH fun ! Give it a try, and you'll like it !

-We are recruiting: Jutsus creators - People to balance damage and cooldown


 Help, help, help !

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It's a smarter version of Q&A...Why ? Because everything we do in here is better than ever. bounce

Q: I just came, what am I supposed to do  Question
A: Dude, go read the beginner's guide, it's right here:

Q: A profile picture  Question  Can I have one  Question
A: Of course, just use a manga-style picture with those dimensions: 250 in width and 400 in height. But, check the avatar list, so that you won't pick the same character as someone else.

Q: Can I have an avatar from another manga, beside Naruto Question
A: To be honest, it would be even better if you pick someone who's not in the Narutoverse. But, you are free.

Q: I can't get the right dimension...Boss  Question  Can you help me  Question
A: Of course we can. Just send the picture to me (Boss) and the job will be done.

Q: Can I create my own jutsus  Question
A: Nope, you can only buy them from the store. But, if you know a specific jutsu that you would like to have but it's missing from the store, you can contact Boss, and he will add it ASAP.

Q: Can I defeat you Boss  Question
A: As soon as Sasuke Uchiha get a byakugan, you will be able to do so.  Razz
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Help, help, help !
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