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 Respect, Order and Punishment

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Respect, Order and Punishment Empty
PostSubject: Respect, Order and Punishment   Respect, Order and Punishment EmptyFri 22 Jun - 20:10

"Show respect, it's really important"

Striker World is a community, not a lowland full with goats, sheep and horses, so you will need to learn how to behave yourself and be a part of our family. We can't keep you from telling jokes, but we can punish you if you go too far.

Racism it not allowed, since there's only one race: Human. Skin complexity is such a retarded concept created by our ancestors. You can be racist, yes you can, you are totally free, but please don't bring it into our community. It's not healthy for us, or even for you or the planet.

Sexism or any form of discrimination will be punished, in many ways, from losing points to permanent ban. And, there's no need for the Boss to be online, other people from the staff can report you and you will receive your due later on.

Don't be annoying. Playing around is different from being god-awful. If the person tells you to stop, you need to stop, because it's not funny anymore, just stop the joke and move on. And, don't bother people in inbox, you will be severely punished.

Thanks, and enjoy !
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Respect, Order and Punishment
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