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 How to buy a jutsu ?

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How to buy a jutsu ?  Empty
PostSubject: How to buy a jutsu ?    How to buy a jutsu ?  EmptySat 23 Jun - 1:11

Go to the topic of your class and type in your message while asking for the jutsu that you would like to get. Make sure that you have enough SP (Striker Points).
The jutsu will be added to your jutsu folder, and be ready to use as soon as a member of the staff validates your purchase.

And if you planning on getting many jutsus in one day, please don't make a double-post and list all the things you wanna buy in one post, it's easier to read and it's better for the forum's lightness.

On each post, you are going to find a nice looking store with the pictures, prices, classes and effects of the jutsu that you are looking for. Just pick the features that you want, and click on "Sort out", the store will automatically show all the jutsus with the features that you've checked on. king

Thank you for your support.  Laughing

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How to buy a jutsu ?
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